Having unmatched and durable product can’t drive sales to your company, if you don’t know how to make people talk about your business.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing (WOMM), thinking to be a traditional way of marketing. But, studies from Nielsen.com conclude that chance of people hitting the buy button when recommend by their friends and family members is high. 92% of marketing executives confirm WOMM as effective marketing tactic, still only 5% of them managed to do it.

With increasing competition, WOMM can be a new way to leverage your business. But, how can you make someone talk about your business? And, how can this help you acquire online sales?

word of mouth marketing

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4 Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategies

With evolving technology, you can easily present your business before a group of people. Taking this as an advantage, you must trigger or make your customers to talk about your service online and offline. So, word of mouth can be done both online and offline.

Now, it’s more interesting. Let me now spell exceptional WOMM tactics for your business.

#1 Build Your Community

Based on Pew Research Centers study in 2012, 65% internet users use social media. Go right away and build a social media community to engage with your customers. Ask them questions, polls and host giveaways. Give them a chance to put their ideas about your business. For instance, Lay’s asked their customers to come up with a different potato flavor and reports say that it was their biggest marketing tactic for the year.

#2 Target Influencers in Your Business

Influencers have thousands of trusted people around them. Short list top authoritative people and start building relation with them. The best way to start is to do them a favor for free, either by sharing their blog post or by featuring them over your blog.

Else you can search for upcoming influencers and gift them your product or sponsor giveaway. As a promotional product manufacturing company, we recommend you to distribute custom tote bags or any other item that carries your brand name. (They’re cheap and last for longer time.)

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#3 Be an Influencers

Yes, you must evolve into a thought leader. This will fill your customer’s heart with trust, credibility and authority towards your business. Social media can be the platform to build your presence or even your official blog can help you.

#4 Be Honest

Most internet businesses run on basis of trust. Don’t try to come up with false news to attract new users; else you may lose their trust. Mainly word of mouth marketing depends on honesty. The minute you go against it, WOMM will backfire your business.

Master these word of mouth marketing strategies and your business can emerge into a brand. Remember your business is what your customers speak.