If you do not have the budget for a big time advertising campaign but want your business to be noticed, then to motivate your employees, get your business noticed, to introduce a new product, promote a new service and thank your customers, promotional items are one of the best ways. From pens to mugs, pewter items and umbrellas, notepads, t-shirts and water bottles–it is all used as marketing and promotional reasons for a company. Promotional custom shaker bottles have great advantages that make them suitable for creating hype and buzz on your products and business.

One of the most common reasons for why custom water bottles are the most sought after promotional items is because it is oh-so affordable and won’t break a company’s budget.

From polycarbonate water bottles to custom shaker bottle, these bottles cost so much little than the marketing and promotional outreach it does. If your intent is to get your logo seen everywhere, then you want a low-priced and very visible promotional item. But promotional water bottles offer more than economy. These items are some of the things that are carried along anywhere or kept in their office table, in bicycle bottle holders, cars, and almost everywhere else people need a drink, when they go to the park or the beach, when they go jogging, when they cycle, or when walking, or just about anywhere and people use on a daily basis. That means that wherever the person goes, your logo or message will travel with them, and be seen everywhere they take your promotional cheap custom water bottles.

Pick bright designs and those that are easily identifiable with your logo. Pick a color in a different hue of yellow if you logo has yellow, and to make your logo outstanding it should be a contrast.