Promotional products are articles of merchandise that are used in marketing and communication programs.

Anything can be branded with a company logo for example t-shirts, caps, scarves, car stickers, pens, Customized Drawstring Bag, calendars, umbrellas and towels and it all depends on what the company is producing.

Promotional products are used for many reasons:

It is a cheap way of promotion, in that you can give out your chosen giveaways imprinted with a company logo and it will certainly get a lot of publicity for your business instead of advertising on television which is an expensive marketing strategy.

These products like the Wholesale Drawstring Bag establish loyalty to your business. When someone receives a free gift for the first time he or she will remember that company and will always be buying products from that company.

Be sure that to circulate and promote your organization you will have to have enough products and relating to the total number of expected visitors you have a proportional quantity of items that, when giving out such freebies.

There are some key issues to look at and special events need planning ahead and:


The amount of money you have in your company that can be used for transport and promotional products.


What is the purpose for event?


When do you want to begin the promotion? When will you advertise the event?


What will you give your visitors? Choose something that is suitable and fit for purpose like a foldable water bottle. The right giveaway given at the right time will say volumes for your company so choose wisely.


Who are you inviting, and how many are there? And if they are celebrities which kind of celebrity are you expecting?


How do you plan to pull the event together? What is the main aim of the event?