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Along with right marketing strategy, a strong determination and consistency is important. Creativity is the huge capital for your small business. Learn every aspect of your service; it’s not good to rely completely on your employees. The marketing strategy that worked for your friend or competitor may not work for your business. Based on targeted people, country and current market demand the strategy may change.

Initially, get rid of chuckles that are pulling you down the water. A strong determination is your main weapon to fight your setbacks. To attract eye balls of your niche customers and investors, you must concentrate more on creativity and innovation. Never do things the way everyone does. Yes, you must face some criticism first. Believe in your strategy and don’t give up.

“It’s so simple really: If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you start something, finish it.” -Epictetus

Now without any ado, let me put down those 5 awesome tactics with which you can leverage your business brand.

1.Introduce Yourself

Do your customers know who you’re? Concentrate on listing benefits that you provide for your customers. For instance take Nike, the way Nike introduces them is unique. You might have seen their ads, they reward athletes and professionals. Indirectly, they’re giving a strong message about their quality and business view.

Before you start introducing your business, put down the points that you need to cover and ask your team members for different ways to project this. Yes, you must consider your budget. There are many ways you can brand without investing more. Like, they closed their FB page and started a new way of advertising on p*rn sites. Well I don’t recommend you to advertise there, but you can see how they attracted leads from a completely different niche.

2. Show them Proof

Take feedback from your clients, these testimonials will build a strong trust between you and your customers. You can write a case-study or ask your client to write or make a video about how your service helped them to gain profits. Try be real, discuss failures, set backs and success in the project.

According to statistics, 70% of Americans consider reviews before shopping online. You can also have a glance at this article, where 63% customers prefer to buy from a site with product rating and reviews. Same goes for any business, social proof is important to attract new customers. And there is a way to present your testimonials, add photo, tell a story and utilize the power of egotism.

3. Target the Right Customers

promotional products for small businesses

It’s hard to target everyone and everywhere. If you focus the right customer and country you can easily understand more about your customers. The more you know what your customer needs; accordingly you can improve your service.

You can target them online and offline through magazines, seminars and promotional gifts like backpacks, computer bags etc… It’s a mistake that few companies target boarder niche from starting. You can’t compete with big companies in the market. On the other hand, small or targeted niche market demand fewer funds and deliver more leads.

Engage with influencers in that market by reaching them through social media or start discussion on their blog. Interviewing them on your blog or inviting them on your business event can take your relation to next level.

4. Advertising – You’re wasting it in a wrong way

After picking up 5-8 small niche personas related to your business, start advertising. But wait! Which medium should you use to advertise, online or offline?

Without a second thought, both are equally important. (Depending on your business)

For example say, you’re targeting business professionals then you should opt for LinkedIn and Twitter. Pinterest may not bring good ROI for your business. Likewise, distributing flyers will do wonder when targeting local market. example can be considered here. How, they successfully gain leads spending low on ads. If you’ve a beauty care product, then try with low CPC you can make some interesting leads.

Here goes 24 ways to advertise small business.

5. Consistency

One common thing in all marketing strategies is being consistent. When you come up with a clear and repeated marketing quotes customer will get it. Here consistency is not just repeatedly improving your marketing strategy, but using the same font, color and style in all marketing tactics.

Gather all your marketing communications and lay them down. See how your described your product including the style, font and color. Though it may look unnecessary for few, this is how a small business can turn into a brand.

Here are 5 powerful rules for consistency.

Every topic here deserves a separate post; soon I’ll be posting articles on each topic discussed here.