Since carry along bags began substituting for purses, and brief cases, drawstring bags have been a popular way to transport books, baby supplies, hiking implements, etc., their unique feature being a string that is drawn tight to secure them closed.

The promotional items business has been around for centuries, with customized drawstring backpack arriving on the scene few decades ago. Today, they can be found within promo product lineups around the world. But does that automatically mean that they’re great promo items? Not necessarily. Using the three criteria that typically determine a product’s success or failure it’s best to examine it to find out how well any item works as a promo product: usability, advertising space in terms of product scale, and longevity.

Advertising Space

Promotional custom drawstring backpack have good advertising space in terms of product scale, with the majority of their surface being available for your company’s logo and contact information.


The packs are as usable as any promotional product, and are often used multiple days a week. However, on its ergonomics and styling how much a particular type of pack is used can depend largely. Spending more for more style could be the key to increasing its usability if you’re targeting a personalized drawstring backpack at a sophisticated business crowd; while in other cases, the key to high use could be selecting an extremely durable style.


As with their appeal and usability, the longevity of your packs depends on whether you’re willing to invest in quality. A quality pack that’s used often for months or years is always worth more in terms of advertising effect than its cost per unit as a bulk item purchased from a promotional products supplier. Remember, the more often an item gets seen, the more valuable it is to your company.