What is Amazon FBA?

The Amazon Fulfillment Program or the FBA allows the sellers to sell their goods & products virtually on Amazon platform. In an E-commerce business the biggest challenge is fulfillment. With FBA program, Amazon stocks the seller’s products in one of its warehouses & ship them to your customers. It also handle all returns and refunds by providing amazing customer service.

This means, you as a seller, will get more valuable time to focus on other activities. Like freedom to boost your business by optimizing your website, driving more traffic on product pages & improve conversion rates.

In 5 simple steps:

Introduction to Fulfillment By Amazon - FBA

Not only this, Amazon itself handles all the background tasks such as customer service, returns, refunds & communications with the customer.

Advantages of FBA.

  • Besides the advantage of all the fulfillment handled by Amazon, there are other lucrative options.
  • Orders which are placed on through Amazon are processed faster compared to retailers’ shipping.
  • Your products will get more exposed & share high visibility at Amazon marketplace, which means more sales generated.
  • This program makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime free 2 day shipping, free shipping and other attractive offers which the customers will love.
  • Besides all these advantages, the most special thing is that Amazon has a reputation of a trusted brand. You as a seller will enjoy the benefits of working with a trusted brand.

How is FBA beneficial to the seller?

FBA is a very powerful concept & beneficial to the seller in many ways. The only thing you have to work upon is to build up your product range on your Amazon seller account. Amazon will handle all the background procedures from shipping to customer service all by itself.

  • You will save a lot of time & resources with not having individually wrapping, packing & shipping the goods.
  • Can save more time to improve your business by focusing on more valued tasks such as product research & sourcing.
  • Spare more time to improve your product page & develop more user friendly environment by providing details about the product.
  • Cut down inventory & logistics costs by choosing FBA warehouses as your storage & shipping unit.

How do You Start With FBA?

Here is the information you need to start building your FBA business:

  • Create an account of Amazon Seller Central: Better to start with a professional account where a minimal fee is associated but lots of benefits are there.
  • Research: Do a better research on products which you need to showcase. Because choosing the right product is the main source of generating funds.
  • Trusted supplier: Build a good work relation with a trusted & reliable supplier. Request samples and do your research on them to make sure their durability & nature.
  • Calculate: Set the lead time & margins which you want for a particular item.
  • Create Listing: Optimize your product page by providing crucial information such as high resolution images, more & more products details & right keywords.
  • Drive Customer Traffic: Target your audience to the product page which eventually leads to sales.

While growing further in E-commerce universe, sellers should upgrade themselves from old school practices & ways of selling. With strong competitions & ever-developing technology, one must not lag behind and actively absorb new trends & practices & FBA is one of such developments in the field of E-commerce.