Your brand exposure relies on your marketing strategy. Promotional products differ from other marketing tactics because it last for longer. Longer the time frame your potential customer sees your personalized item, more the relation is build.

Time, energy, and talent can be more important than budget

The product you use for promoting your business must be durable and it should be one among the daily used products. If you pour all your funds in distributing a product that is seldom used by your clients, then you’re not going to see positive ROI.

And this product selection may vary depending on market, climate and your customers. For instance, you’re targeting an average person living in US. As an average person has a mobile promotional mobile cases will work effectively than drawstring bags.

To target college students or teachers, personalized ballpoint pens can do wonders in branding your business.

Let me now share few studies from Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Global Ad Impression Study 2014.

  • Study concludes that most used promotional item in all countries is Writing Instruments. Following shirts, bags and calendars.
  • About 56% of US consumers own a promotional pen.
  • Women beat men in owing a logoed pen in US.
  • But men (52%) love to wear promotional T-shirts than women (46%)
  • Older US people are more often to use calendars.
  • 61% people in US love to keep desk accessories in their work place
  • A cap makes 3136 impressions over lifetime in US. Mexico and Australia has shown good percentage with 38% and 32% people wearing branded caps.
  • Percentage for imprinted USB is low compared to other items, 10% of US people own custom USB and 13% men own it.

These finding are going to help you decide your next or first promotional product. If you’re confused, don’t worry we’re here to help you out. Contact us through live chat or through Skype (

Have a glimpse on Australia Promotional Products research.

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