A lot of people are always looking for reusable bags, it defiantly seems to be the new trend everyone wants. Its quicker, neater and saves the planet! Just about all our new bags our 100% recyclable! Talk about a simple and nice free advertising handout to customers! Even the retail stores are having these shopping bags available to you for a cheap cost. And lets face it, they get there name or logo out there all the time too! We have the simple bag solution for everyone. What is the simple bag solution? Having reusable bags for everything! Consider these ideas for your business:

Promotional Plastic & Vinyl Bags want keepsake bag ideas for your customers? this is the perfect boutique bag! Spas, salons and beauty boutiques will gain more referrals when customers see these bags with your stylish logo on these bright & pastel colors. Custom Drawstring Bags the perfect pack it and cinch up bag! Going to the park, gym, ball practice etc…this sports cinch up bag is perfect for your sporting needs and everyday essentials. Hand these out to teammates with their winning team name!

Paper is now considered the more eco approach, with FSC certified materials being specified across the board. There is flexibility in size options. Kraft paper is the cheaper option, with rope handled laminated carriers being the high end choice.

The most significant area over the last year or so are the “bags for life”, where the choice materials and designs has been constantly evolving. Cotton shoppers were the original and still remain popular. Jute bags are now incredibly popular, led by the retail sector. There are various styles, colour choices and sizes, and although the spend is higher, it is an item that is long lasting and with the right branding, can be an advertising tool for many years.

Promotional Non Woven Bags pretty much the best grocery shopper bag you’ll find. Beats the heck out of harmful plastic bags that rip on you anyway! Extra roomy bag for your groceries, make less trips to the car and advertise where you grocery shop all at once!

The time and attention given to your choice of promotional bags for the next event your are participating in is extremely important and the Steel City Marketing sales team would be more than happy to discuss the range of options in more detail to ensure you are making the right choice against the budget available and the target market you are looking to impress…