The enormous yet ever-growing market of promotional products has its ground & base located in China. Thousands of production units, factories as well as vendors are located in China who offer cheapest rates still best quality products compared across the world. Retailers can make best of their profits from purchasing promotional goods from such suppliers based in China. Still there are some hesitant buyers who are skeptic about buying such promotional goods from far-east. It’s just like coming across a gold mine but no idea how to dig gold from it. We will try to clear such doubts in this post by giving an in-depth overview about buying promotional products from China.

Let’s face the odds first then move to the solution.

Common Obstacles Faced by the Buyers.

  • Communication Barrier: To strike out a deal with the seller, there should be a crystal clear understanding about our requirement & need. A very common barrier while buying from another territory which buyers usually face is language barrier. While dealing with suppliers from far-east, the preferred language of communication between the buyer & the seller becomes a barrier.
  • Trust Factor: Another very evenly faced problem is trust factor. Buyers cannot easily trust a supplier which they have not met or seen except than their digital communication. This creates hesitation among the buyer and makes them think whether to purchase goods from such supplier or just ignore & move ahead with a more trusted / known supplier.
  • Risk Factor: Obviously there are risks in every business, some businesses have greater risks while others have smaller, but risks are always related to a business. In this case the risk is from fake, unknown, un-trusted suppliers where our orders can be compromised with bad quality products, unworthy goods & even risks in monetary transactions. Eventually this factor affects our customer base for whom we are doing so much hard work & spending our quality time to keep them happy & attracted to us.

Like the above highlighted typical barriers, there are many other problems which arises while buying your promotional goods from other territories. These problems ultimately results in lost opportunities & slow pace of business growth.

Key to Overcome These Obstacles:

In-spite of all these problems, there is a bigger & much better solution which overcomes all of the obstacles. The amazing concept in promotional products industry is the role of a promotional products sourcing company. These companies play a very crucial role by building a bridge between the buyer & the seller, also cutting off all the above mentioned risks & problems for the seller.

Role of Promotional Products Sourcing Company

Briefing for first time buyers, such company can be called as a gold digger for you & your business. They have their website full of promotional items which you planned & dream of buying from China in cheap price, yet was skeptical about the quality. Such sourcer will source the best & cheapest of the promotional products from best of the sellers all across China & list the goods on the website. The website is extremely user friendly, customer oriented, in multiple languages & customer supportive to give the buyers a satisfactory result of their searches. With thousands of products listed on the website itself, buyer don’t have to search the promotional products everywhere on the internet.

Breaking all the Barriers:

  • Breaking the Language Obstacle: First & foremost, the already discussed language barrier is broken. The website & its customer service operates in universal English which is preferred by 80% of the buyers.
  • Experienced Mediator: They are so deep into the business that they know each & everything about the industry. They have years & years of experience in the industry which you as a buyer can be benefited from. The highly qualified, dedicated team works really hard to source the best from the industry & bring it to you by listing the products on their website.
  • Assurance of Best & Cheapest Goods: This company have close relations with suppliers based in China because most of the websites operates from China itself. They have access to the factories where these goods are produced & they can monitor all the activities very closely. Which means they will list the best & cheapest of the products on their website.
  • Hassle Free Shipping: By using their services, you can rest assured that proper shipping of your ordered goods are taken care by the right people. They will deliver your goods to every corner of the world without any problem, as they are mastered in supply chain & know all the activities of logistics.
  • Your Virtual Sample: You may think, that how will be the outcome of your ordered goods? Whether your logo looks good on the item or it needs some more adjustment. No worries, you will get a digital proof of the item you’ve ordered with your logo showcased on it as you requested. There you can finalize the printing up to your satisfaction.
  • Pre-Production Samples: If you are still not sure about the quality & durability of the product, then you can order for a pre-production sample. That means you will get the exact sample piece of the product which you ordered look & feel physically also.
  • World Class Printing: Your ordered goods will be imprinted with top-class technology & printers which will leave a long-lasting impact of your branding also to prove your mark in the competition.

All these lucrative benefits are there for you as a buyer by choosing an online Promotional Products Supplier for your business who will work in background for you & at the end of the day, will provide satisfactory results & high profits for your business. Choose wisely, have a trusted source & do most of your business with them only, this is the motto of growth in promotional products industry.

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